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My longest running film project has been MassIllusionTV, a web show hosted by two of my friends, dedicated to teaching the art of street magic. 
And unprofessionalism.
I have filmed and edited all 14 episodes (so far) of MITV, including the intro sequence. Besides that, I've worked on several school projects which have received high praise from numerous teachers and have been used in film classes as examples of quality work.
I recently received a Gold Medal from my school for excellence in Tech Studies.
My latest project is a mash-up trailer of The Dark Knight Rises, played along the audio track of Man of Steel's "Fate of your Planet" trailer. 
My only official work has been a book trailer for The Crowsmoor Curse, filmed with a hand-held camcorder and edited on Adobe Premiere. 
It was finished in the summer of 2012, and was my very first trailer.
You'll also find the video coverage of the book launch of Shackles of Independence, held at Chapters, Square One, Canada, arranged by FinalDraft Editing & Publishing. Out of nearly an hour's footage, I have condensed it to roughly 12 minutes and created the intro sequence as well.

Projects from 2011 - 2014

Massillusion TV || Season 2
Man of Steel || This Is My Home (Montage edited and created using original film clips)

A mash-up trailer of The Dark Knight Rises with Man of Steel Trailer 4.

Massillusion TV Episode 12, still going strong.

The official book trailer of The Crowsmoor Curse

Solitude, a school project
Official video coverage of the Shackles of Independence book launch
SNAP, another school project