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Author of Requiem of Supremacy

Published by Ravencrest Books, London, UK, 2011
A lone man finds himself at the height of criminal power, and sets his eyes on an unimaginably dangerous goal. When he begins to see the face of a hazardous enemy however, his path is obstructed by obstacles too great to overcome. In his fight for victory, he unhinges the life of an oblivious bystander – creating for himself yet another enemy. He obliterates all humanity from within himself and sets out to establish a single, all-powerful, global government to unite the world and end all evil.
A once innocent girl with a thirst for vengeance. A detective fighting a losing battle with his back against the wall. A man with incredible power at his feet, on a quest to change the world. Three lives intertwine in a war that blurs the line between good and evil… forever.

An epic first novel by fifteen year old Aneesh Chatterjee

Freelance Writer 2011-2013

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